July 25, 2017
The bulk of Cameron Poetzscher's career has featured a focus in the technology, media and telecom areas, which may explain why he eventually landed at Uber, as that tech giant’s Head of Corporate Development. Everyone knows what Uber is, even if they have never used the app in their lives. Cameron has already made a significant difference with Uber, making a number of promotional deals with other tech companies like Spotify, as well as classic business giants as American Express. He has also helped to raise tons of capital for the firm.

None of this should seem surprising, given that Cameron Poetzscher has worked in partnership with many companies in a variety of different sectors throughout his career. That includes areas like finance, real estate and healthcare, among many others. Over the years, he has probably built up a strong network, which makes his work as an Uber executive much simpler, in a way. Cameron is also a phenomenal deal maker. In fact, unlike many executives, Cameron Poetzscher seems to save his best work for the most challenging situations. He does his best work under circumstances many others would consider intimidating.
April 20, 2017
Prior to the launch of his career as an Uber executive, most of Cameron Poetzscher's career had been focused primarily on the areas of technology, anyway. Most of his previous work had been centered on telecommunications and media, but those will probably be very important in his position as the Head of Corporate Development for Uber, anyway. In fact, most of his previous experience is likely to serve him well at Uber. He has a ton of great experience advising industry leaders and innovators in many non-tech business sectors, as well. Among those sectors include the consumer goods, healthcare, industrial, and real estate sectors, all of which could turn out to be very useful at Uber.

Cameron Poetzscher’s experience is also very global in scope, having worked on deals on five continents, which will also be useful for a company hoping to make inroads in the developing world. His knowledge and experience with regard to cross-border transactions, including knowing how to deal with the considerable cultural and structural complexities they entail will be a key skill set to have in moving the company forward in the future.

Even before Cameron Poetzscher joined Uber, he had an established reputation as someone with a unique approach to problem-solving, marked by his creativity and by his demonstrated ability to analyze and adapt to any situation has allowed him to do much of his best work in very tense, challenging, high-pressure environments. Also helpful is his deep and varied experience in structuring partnerships and acquisitions and negotiating and executing deals. In 17 years of global investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs, Cameron Poetzscher advised many of the most sophisticated and demanding clients on a number of complex, high-profile mergers and acquisitions and other complex transactions. He also assisted on many highly publicized IPOs and other financings.
January 25, 2017
Even before he became Uber’s Head of Corporate Development, Cameron Poetzscher was well-known in the world of business and finance. Throughout his 17-year career with Goldman Sachs, he served as a global investment professional and developed a reputation by supplying investment advice and guidance to many Fortune 50 companies.

Cameron Poetzscher also handled a number of pre-IPO start-ups that had been backed by some of the most prominent venture capital firms and he was a very important player in a number of very highly publicized mergers and acquisition transactions. Much of his long career has been focused on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, which means he was involved with a number of iconic industry leaders and innovators, nit just Uber.

Before his time at Goldman Sachs, he earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and eventually served on that school's distinguished Finance Faculty, where he did quite a bit of research and case-writing, primarily focused on hedge funds, derivatives and liability management.