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The Technology Business Career of Cameron Poetzscher

July 25, 2017

The bulk of Cameron Poetzscher's career has featured a focus in the technology, media and telecom areas, which may explain why he eventually landed at Uber, as that tech giant’s Head of Corporate Development. Everyone knows what Uber is, even if they have never used the app in their lives. Cameron has already made a significant difference with Uber, making a number of promotional deals with other tech companies like Spotify, as well as classic business giants as American Express. He has also helped to raise tons of capital for the firm.

None of this should seem surprising, given that Cameron Poetzscher has worked in partnership with many companies in a variety of different sectors throughout his career. That includes areas like finance, real estate and healthcare, among many others. Over the years, he has probably built up a strong network, which makes his work as an Uber executive much simpler, in a way. Cameron is also a phenomenal deal maker. In fact, unlike many executives, Cameron Poetzscher seems to save his best work for the most challenging situations. He does his best work under circumstances many others would consider intimidating.